Against Terror

against terror

I am tired of all this.

I am tired of all this cruelty.





I don’t have a miracle recipe that stop all wars on the Earth. I wish I had. I don’t really know what to do or simply what to feel by now.

The only thing I can assume to do to fight against this acts of terror, is to find the beauty that the world, and people, have. There’s beauty all around us. But lately we can’t see it. We look at it, but don’t see. Don’t feel it. We are like emptied by all the fear that someone wants us, the people, to have as the only predominant feeling.

I won’t play their game.

I will not be emptied.

I will try to always find a single spark of beauty, of kindness, of life, of love, of humanity, in every crumbled debris left around.

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